Facilities - Capacity up to 280 standing.

               12pm License 

               Shared spacious Green Room with Shower and Toilet 

               Avolites controlled  Intelligent Lighting 

               Professional sound/lighting technicians   

Sound Spec - FOH PA

               4 x Mackie S525 (Low/Mid/High) Cabinets 

               4 x Mackie S518 (Low) Cabinets 

Amps/Loud Speaker management System

               1 x DBX Driverack

               2 x NU6000  

FOH and Monitor Desk - Allen and Heath GL3300 (32 channel Analog)

(Digital Desks are Available to hire in at the Venue)


               1 x DBX 231 Graphic EQ (FOH) 

               2 x Behringer FBQ6200HD  Graphic EQ (Foldback) 

               1 x Samson S Com4 4 Channel Compressor/Gate 

               1 x Yamaha SPX900 (Multi FX) 

Monitors/Foldback - 4 Way Independent Mix

               4 x Yamaha SM15vi (500 watt Wedge) 

               2 x Prosound 800 Amps 


             4 x SM58 

             4 x SM57 

             1 x AKG D870 

             2 x AKG C1000 

             1 x AKG D112 

             4 x Sennheiser E604

Microphone Stands

             14 x Long Boom 

              4 x Short Boom 

Lighting Spec -

              2 x 2m Lighting Truss Towers

              Avolites Titan One  

              2 x Martin Mac 250+ 

              2 x Martin Mac 300 

              10 x LED Par cans 

              1 x La Maitre XS Neutron Hazer 

Stage Spec - Corner stage with large over hang

               Area 5m x 4m  

               Stage height = 80cm 

               Clearance (height to ceiling) Approx 5m 

Loading – Vehicles left at owners risk, venue accepts no liability

               Street Level In and Out (no stairs) 

               Secure Parking Space Provided for Artists/Loading 
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